Friday, January 8, 2010

An Update

I have been guilty of not thinking too much about the repercussions of my initial findings in Wikipedia's network analysis, covered by my doctoral work. This was a natural consequence of a very interesting project called "The Copenhagen Wheel" that I was collaborating on, with the SENSEable City Lab at MIT. However, I believe it is important that I carry forward the train of thought I had begun with my findings from Cebuano Wikipedia. Towards this end, I have been running the same process on the revision history dataset of the Bosnian Wikipedia. Why Bosnian? Well, apart from being relatively easy for me to process on the fly, I was genuinely curious as to how volatile external conditions would affect the interaction network structure. As it stands, I believe the structure is remarkable similar to that of the Cebuano Wikipedia. I am not sure whether this is entirely a good thing, as far as my expectations go. Differences would have been interesting! BUT I need to do some more analysis to find out for sure. Will post up the results soon.

...oh, and 2010 is here!