Friday, May 15, 2009

Conference Time

My papers at both AMCIS 2009 and PACIS 2009 have been accepted. It's always nice to receive external validation and constructive feedback for one's ideas. I was really impressed with the depth of some of the reviewers' analysis: Really a lot of time and effort had gone into them. As a result, I got some interesting insights on the papers, and can possibly incorporate these in my next work.

Apart from the utility of the comments, I have of course got a sudden 'happy adrenalin' rush because of 2 acceptances on the trot (I seem to recollect a particularly funny phdcomics strip about this a while ago!) and am really looking forward to hobnobbing with some of the big names in my field at the conferences, getting more ideas.

And of course, free food!! :P

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